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Outta Hand Riddim Promo Mix (ft. Tenna Star / Babascum / Slycer Trees & BJ)

Promo mix of our second release on our label Argonaut Sound Productions - the Outta Hand Riddim, featuring vocal cuts from Tenna Star, Babascum, and Slycer Trees & BJ. Released on 3rd March 2014, available on two limited edition 7" vinyls and digital download.

1. Tenna Star - Hold The Faith (#ASP002 Limited Edition 7")
2. Slycer Trees & BJ - The Right Thing (#ASP003 Limited Edition 7")
3. Babascum - Give A Damn Bout Dem (#ASP003 Limited Edition 7")
Outta Hand Riddim Version (#ASP002 Limited Edition 7")

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Title: Outta Hand Riddim
Artists: Tenna Star / Babascum / Slycer Trees & BJ
Release date: 3rd March 2014
Label: Argonaut Sounds Productions
Catalogue No: #ASP002 & #ASP003
Format: Limited edition 7"s and digital download
Riddim: Outta Hand Riddim (Argonaut Sounds)
Producer: Wayne Fortune
Backing vocals: Shantha Roberts
Mastering: Precise Mastering

Down Inna Di Ghetto - Babascum - #ASP001 Promo

Promo mix - with some of our sampler sound effects - of our first single on our new label Argonaut Sound Productions - Babascum's "Down Inna Di Ghetto" - set for release on 4th April 2013, available on limited edition 7" vinyl and digital download.

Title: Down Inna Di Ghetto
Artist: Babascum
Release date: 4th April 2013
Label: Argonaut Sounds Productions
Catalogue No: #ASP001
Format: Limited edition 7” and digital download
Riddim: Gimme Riddim (Argonaut Sounds)
Producer: Wayne Fortune
Backing vocals: Shantha Roberts

Don't Worry - Babascum

Latest track from Babascum, produced by Argonaut Sounds. Look out for our label launch early in 2013.

Title: Don't Worry
Artist: Babascum
Label: Argonaut Sounds Productions
Producer: Wayne Fortune (Argonaut Sounds)
Year: 2012

Comin' & Goin' - Shantha Roberts

Latest track from Shantha Roberts, on the Argonaut Sounds produced Peggy Riddim - Casiotone MT40 vibes.

Title: Comin' & Goin'
Artist: Shantha Roberts
Riddim: Peggy Riddim
Producer: Wayne Fortune (Argonaut Sounds)
Year: 2012

On The Right Track - Shantha Roberts

New track from Shantha Roberts, a cover of the Phyllis Dillon & Hopeton Lewis rocksteady classic "On The Right Track", produced by Argonaut Sounds.

Title: "On The Right Track"
Artist (vocals & flute): Shantha Roberts
Producer: Wayne Fortune (Argonaut Sounds)
Year: 2011

Precious Queen - Babascum

New track from Babascum entitled "Precious Queen", on the Groovy 2011 Riddim, produced by Argonaut Sounds, and featuring backing vocals from Shantha Roberts.

Title: Precious Queen
Artist: Babascum
Backing vox: Shantha Roberts
Riddim: Groovy 2011 Riddim
Producer: Wayne Fortune (Argonaut Sounds)
Year: 2011

Riddim available for vocalists - email

Kwasi Asante - Argonaut Sounds Dubplate

Argonaut Sounds dubplate from Manchester MC Kwasi Asante, recorded June 2011 - riddim refix 2013.

Kenny Knots - Argonaut Sounds Dubplate

Argonaut Sounds dubplate from the legendary Kenny Knots - 2013 riddim refix.

Quick 'Pon the Draw - Babascum

Babascum - Quick 'Pon the Draw - an Argonaut Sounds Production, August 2010

Breakfast In Bed - Shantha Roberts

Recorded January 2010, a cover of "Breakfast In Bed", vocals by Shantha Roberts.

Title: Breakfast In Bed
Artist: Shantha Roberts
Producer: Wayne Fortune (Argonaut Sounds)
Year: 2010


Argonaut Sounds Digital Dancehall Mix

Selected and mixed by Wayne - all from vinyl, so apologies for scratches and surface noise, and one or two dubious mixes... thanks for listening.

1. On The Right Track - Johnny Osbourne
2. Wear Your Size - Lt. Stitchie
3. Come Again - Cocoa Tea
4. Show Me Who - Buju Banton
5. One Dance - Beres Hammond
6. Nowadays Girl - Super Black
7. Take A Lick - Banana Man
8. Lazy Body - Echo Minott
9. Magic Moment - Leroy Gibbons
10. Champion Sound - Colin Roach
11. Feel The Pressure - Courtney Melody
12. Who She Love - Cocoa Tea, Home T & Shabba Ranks
13. Don't Throw It All Away - Home T
14. Old Time Something - Admiral Bailey
15. Gimme It All - Lukie D & Lt. Stitchie
16. Haul And Pull Up Selecta - Carl Meeks
17. Style & Fashion - Papa San
18. Pretty Looks Done - Major Mackerel
19. Music Fraternity - Tony Rebel
20. Nah Skin Up - Tiger
21. One Don - Wickerman
22. Bring It To Me - Chaka Demus & Scotty
23. Bad Like Yaws - Lt. Stitchie
24. Punny Printer - Pan Head
25. Computer Rule - Screwdriver
26. Body Lasher - Daddy Freddy
27. Trash & Ready - Super Cat
28. Devil Send You Come - Little Twitch

Argonaut Sounds Rocksteady Mix 1

Argonaut Sounds Rocksteady Mix, mixed by Neil in late 2009 all from vinyl, so hope you don't mind a wee bit of crackle;

All feedback appreciated.


1. Rock steady - Alton Ellis
2. Come on Little Girl - The Melodians
3. It's Raining - The Three Tops
4. I Don't Mind - The Bassies
5. Loving Pauper - Dobby Dobson
6. Lonely Street - The Conquerors
7. Queen Majesty - The Techniques
8. Mabrouk Wailing - Tommy McCook and the Supersonics
9. Evening Time - Jackie Mittoo
10. I'm Just A Guy - Alton Ellis
11. Ease Up - the Bases
12. It Mek - Desmond Dekker
13. Wear you to the ball - The Paragons
14. My Conversation - Slim Smith and the Uniques
15. Cry Tough - Alton Ellis and the Flames
16. Burial - The Wailers
17. You Don't Care - The Techniques
18. The Great Wogga Wogga - Dennis Alcapone
19. Love Is a Treasure - Freddie McKay
20. Love Is a Treasure - Lizzy
21. Last Train to Expo '67 - The Melodians
22. I'll Get Along Without You - The Melodians
23. Why Did You Leave Me - Alton and Phyllis
24. Moodorama - Roland Alphonso
25. Love Was All I Had - Alton Ellis
26. Rougher Yet - Slim Smith
27. These Guys - The Sensations
28. Only A SMile - The Paragons
29. Rock Steady - Alton Ellis