Argonaut Sounds is a Glasgow and London based reggae collective, production house and record label. Established in 2002 with current members Wayne, Agathe, Leon and our resident MC Babascum, we're proud to be part of the vibrant reggae scene.

Argonaut Sounds play reggae music in all forms and varieties - whilst focusing mainly on roots, dancehall, digital, rub-a-dub, conscious and new roots, we also play rocksteady and ska, and occasionally some soca. We endeavour to steer clear of any homophobic music, or any other music which may be considered particularly offensive.

For all enquiries (e.g. event bookings/productions), contact us at info@argonautsounds.com, or send us a message on Facebook.

We're always open to linking with other sound systems, artists, and promoters, and supporting worthy charity events too.


Our label, Argonaut Sounds Productions was launched in March 2013 - with a several vinyl releases already, we hope the label can add a new dimension to the reggae scene in Glasgow and beyond, as we forge close links with vocalists in St Lucia and closer to home, in particular our resident vocalists Babascum, Shantha Roberts and Slycer Treez. Our catalogue for far:

#ASP001: Babascum "Down Inna Di Ghetto"/Version (7" & digital)
#ASP002: Tenna Star "Hold The Faith"/Version (7" & digital)
#ASP003: Babascum "Give A Damn Bout Dem"/Slycer Trees "The Right Thing" (7" & digital)
#ASP004: Tom Spirals "This Vision"/Slycer Trees "Hail King Selassie" (7" & digital)
#ASP005: Babascum "We Are Rasta"/Version (7" & digital)


Every fortnight (almost) we present Argonaut Sounds radio show on Subcity Radio, spinning the latest tunes alongside interviews, specials and guest appearances, as well as a selection of classic oldies. Broadcast live on Wednesday 8-10pm, several years worth of shows are available on listen back.

Previous Guests

Over the years we've been honoured to support reggae acts such as Culture, The Congos, Collie Buddz, Yellowman, The Wailing Souls, and the Abyssinians, while we've also been privileged to welcome all the guests below to our sound system:

Fogata Sounds AKA Krak In Dub & Troy Berkley (2014)
Jah Screechy (2014)
Stalawa Sound (2014)
Macka B (2014)
Half Pint (2013)
Earl Gateshead (2013)
MC Tenja & Dub Boy (2013)
Brother Culture (2013)
Fenomeno Show (2012)
Murray Man (2012)
Miss Dlove (2012)
El Fata (2012)
Riddimtion (2011)
Downbeat Melody Sound (2011)
Kwasi Asante (2011)
Axis Sound (2011)
Ras Ista Lion (2011)
DJ Caroline (2011)
Robigan (2010)
Daddy Scotty & Pupa Zeb (2010 & 2011)
Riddim Tuffa (2010)
Bass Warrior (2008 & 2012)
MC Vins (2010 & various as resident MC)
Shantha Roberts (2012 - performing Argonaut Sounds productions live)

Big up everyone on this list!


Founded with little forethought by Neil and Wayne, Argonaut Sounds first outing was at a reggae gig in Blackfriars on 12th June 2002. Argonaut Sounds radio show also began on the 2002 Subcity Radio annual FM month long broadcast, having previously aired in 2001 under a different title. 2003 also saw the first Argonaut Sounds night at The Captains Rest, by which time Jack had joined the crew. The Captains Rest became home venue for Argonaut Sounds for the next few years as the nights, held every couple of months on average, gradually grew from a small crowd listening to tunes through borrowed speakers.

In 2005 Argonaut Sounds first appeared on the Subcity Stage at the West End Festival, and played the stage every year until 2011 (except 2006). Other festival appearance have included: Wickerman Festival (2007 in Axis Sound tent, 2014 in Explosion Sound tent), GASHfest (2008), Southside Carnival (2008), Doune The Rabbit Hole (2011, 2012 & 2015), Garance Reggae Festival (2011, off-festival on Red Bull Boombus), the Pyschedlic Forest Carnival (Kelburn Castle 2012), Wee Dub Festival (2013), Kelburn Garden Party (2014), One Love Festival (2014), Dubs Till Dawn (2015) and Iona Music Festival (2015).

At the end of 2007 the Captains Rest closed for renovations, and after a final night there on 10th November, Argonaut Sounds went in search of a new venue. Thus began a year long residency at the Ivy on North Street - in the cramped basement on the 3rd Saturday of each month, the dancefloor was packed til midnight to the sound of the Argonaut Sounds rig.

Once again though the venue-curse struck, as at the end of 2008 the Ivy closed with a view to moving, and Argonaut Sounds Reggae Soundsystem nights briefly decamped to Dows on Queen Street from March to May 2009. A move to the Hetherington Research Club in November seemed to provide an ideal venue, until it also closed in March 2010 after only three nights. November 2009 also saw the start of a regular monthly spot at the CCA, originally as a pre-club to Mungo's Hifi nights at the Art School, which lasted until mid-2011.

In June 2010, Argonaut Sounds returned to Blackfrairs to establish monthly soundsystem nights, with an expanded sound system featuring new bass bins thanks to some help from Dirtsman of Bass Warrior Sound System. The Blackfrairs nights saw a wide variety of guest performers, until the final session there in May 2013.

Argonaut Sounds took over the Thursday night reggae spot at The 78 Cafe Bar and began weekly sessions called The Dutchy Pot in May 2011, with the nights forming the focal point of the reggae scene in Glasgow for almost four and half years until September 2015.

With Neil and Jack stepping back from selection duties, Dugald and Agathe became the lastest members of Argonaut Sounds in May 2012, with Laurie, Leon and Marina joining the crew during 2013.

Argonaut Sounds Productions was launched in March 2013, with the first single - catalogue number #ASP001 - Babascum's "Down Inna Di Ghetto", released in April on limited edition 7" vinyl and digital download. The label continues to be one the main focuses of the collective, with close links with artists in St Lucia.

Macka B was the guest for the sold-out launch of the Poetry Club sessions in February 2014, with more following later in the year.

After almost 15 years on air the Argonaut Sounds radio show on Subcity came to a finish on 14th October 2015, drawing to a close the longest running programme in the history of the station.

In late 2015 Wayne departed Glasgow for London, with a view to continuing producing and operating the Argonaut Sounds Productions label. Argonaut Sounds as whole was re-imagined as a collective of selectors, MCs, producers, and the label, based in both Glasgow and London, while parts of the sound system were donated to a new generation of soundbwoys in Glasgow.